Supportive Healing Energy and Sudden New Developments at the Virgo New Moon

Saturn’s journey through Aquarius is serving us lots of its signature social distancing, while strong communities are forged online.  And of course Jupiter, also in Aquarius, is amplifying both the intensity and the contrasts.  With the Sun and Mars in practical and discriminating Virgo it will be particularly empowering to pursue grounding practices such as yoga and meditation. The sense of living in the present associated with Virgo is helpful to avoid pining for past freedoms or fretting about aspects outside of our control within our more than a little nebulous futures. The forecast period begins with an opposition between Mars and Neptune on the 3rd of September. If one is to be confident about avoiding the vast potential for confusion at this juncture choose o combine practical action with devotion and compassion. It’s a time to pay attention to the detail, to apply a bit of discipline and stretch yourself a bit while all the while being aware of where you might be giving your power away.

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 10:51 am on the 7th of September at the 15th degree, characterised as A Fine Lace Handkerchief, Heirloom from Valorous Ancestors. This speaks to the embodiment of deeds well done. At this challenging time, with no end to our lockdown in immediate sight, it is a reminder that the smallest tokens of our past can bring a sense of security and joy. Despite all the apparent roadblocks, this New Moon, with its focus on coherence and discernment, promises to be a particularly productive one, provided we apply the necessary discipline.

The New Moon’s promise is signposted by the presence of five Trines[1]  between outer and inner planets. This includes an exact Earth Trine between Uranus and the Sun and Moon. It will be important to be open to new possibilities and any sudden opportunities that present at this time. Perhaps your perspective is about to expand and you might start to view life from a more celestial point of view. New technological developments could well be opening up with expansive opportunities being foreshadowed. An Air Trine between Venus and Jupiter brings generosity and beauty and a yen for adventure along with a concern for self-improvement, particularly in our relationships.

With the exception of Chiron in fiery Aries and Neptune in oceanic Pisces all the planets and luminaries are in practical Earth (Moon, Sun, Mars, Uranus and Pluto) or communicative Air (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) at the New Moon.  Importantly all these planets are engaged in significant, although relatively fleeting aspects with at least one other planet. The Virgo New Moon is ruled by Mercury now in cooperative peace loving Libra. The very next day an opposition to Mercury from Chiron provides an impetus for healing and decluttering of over-stretched brains. It’s out with the old to open up a new canvas on which to create meaningful narratives going forwards. Free yourself of the constraints of perfectionism to give yourself more opportunity to create productive and healthy thought patterns and to lessen feelings of insecurity,

Meanwhile Venus moves into Scorpio on the 11th of September, where give and take with others can generate a healing, transformative energy or intense feelings can be hindered by secrecy and some reluctance to trust others.

[1] A Trine occurs between planets and or luminaries of the same element when they are close to 120 degrees apart. This is an aspect of ease, harmony and creativity.