Your body is your precious vehicle for life!

By Dr Robyn from Helical Healing


How often do we really pay attention to our beautiful innately wise bodies?

Maybe when we start getting a bit uncomfortable , or when we feel a bit stuck in life and/ or stuck in our emotions? As the saying goes ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ (by Bessel van der Kolk), and when unaddressed it can keep you in a constant state of stress.

Wouldn’t it be an easier, gentler way of living, if we made some space to really tune into our body and get curious? This is one very powerful way we can discover so much more about ourselves- through our body and movement.

Sometimes we can feel toxic – perhaps in our relationships?

At times we can also feel heavy or have feelings of fear. We can feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, perhaps through our ‘obligations’ or responsibilities. It is also possible to feel the solidness and support that Mother Gaia can provides us…a real groundedness to earth. These are the elements that are continuously at play within us and around us – because we are part of nature.

When we become stuck in our body it doesn’t matter  if we refer to the elements, or the physical joints and muscles, or nervous system dysregulation… we are out of balance! This feeling not only plays havoc with our emotions it leads to dis-ease and eventually it can manifest as disease.

INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT of your body is a very powerful tool to transform, transmute and alchemise stuck energy that can otherwise sit in our body for decades. In fact it’s in our genes! When we learn to really embody a flow through life, through awareness, the world is our oyster! We begin to transmute our DNA,  step into our power , and just BE. BE authentically YOU! Intentional movement is a powerful tool to honour the bodies innate wisdom. It not only mobilises sticky areas in our body and clears out unwanted heavy energy; we feel better, we start to look at life with curiosity, we become more creative and we cultivate more Life Force Energy. This means we have more spaciousness within to serve; firstly ourselves and then others.

Through conscious intentional movement we redirect our attention to the present moment, this is the only place where life exists. Connection to the body, softening it, relaxing it through intentional movement is where we leave the past behind and stop worrying about the future.

Intentional diverse movement has been a huge tool throughout my journey. It has helped me lead more through my heart, my body and from my spirit rather than my mind.

As we transition into the warmer months, the changes in the outside ecosystem need to be reflected within.

Are you moving differently?

Remember diversity in everything transforms us, it is growth.

Does this resonate?


An Exercise to get into your body

Each day create some space to check in with your body. This could be as simple as awareness of your breath. You could put some music on and explore how it makes you feel. Do you want to move or sing? What if you move faster or slower? Can you move from your centre in the same way from the left compared to the right?


Remember you body is an expression of YOU- your spirit and your emotions.

Are you regularly moving in a diverse way?

If you are curious, we welcome you to join us on an intentional movement journey at ‘Cacao, Connect and Move’ on 18th September. We will be exploring QiGong, Dance therapy and Yoga therapy lead by 3 beautiful teachers.


Please see the events page or contact Dr Robyn Leeder on or DM @helical_healing or message Robyn 0409077721.

The focus of Helical Healing is about coming together, learning, growing and contributing.

Our pillars are:

  • Authenticity
  • Transformation
  • Alchemy
  • Freedom

Helical Healing will provide experiences for you to further explore and assist you to be your own healer; to grow and to thrive; to discover the beautiful synchronicity between your head and your heart and to be in YOUR flow.

I welcome you to reach out, connect with more of your tribe and continue to travel along your own unique healing journey. This is a beautiful time to harvest all the medicine and teachings that we’ve cultivated within us in order to share them with the world.

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