Breaking Free Creatively at the Aquarius New Moon and the Leo Full Moon

While it will take some weeks for full forward momentum to build, in mid to late January 2023 Mars, Mercury and Uranus all return to direct motion. Mars goes direct on the 13th of January but will remain in Gemini, where it has been since August 2022, until March. This unusually long sojourn in Gemini has been helping us to be more introspective in our curiosity and to deconstruct ideas and beliefs that could do with a rethink, as we move forward into a rapidly changing world.  Mercury goes direct on the 18th of January perhaps bringing an end to setbacks associated with work, authority, or your image.  Once Uranus also returns to forward momentum on the 23rd of January, just after the New Moon, we may feel a release and a sense of being set free. All the planets will subsequently be travelling in direct motion and will continue to do so until Mercury has its next retrograde experience in April.

The Sun has its annual meet-up with Pluto on the 19th of January, shining a light in some very dark places. The pair will be less than two degrees apart when the Sun goes into Aquarius the next day bringing intensity and an air of transformation to the Sun’s sojourn in the sign until the 19th of February.

On the 22nd of January the Aquarius New Moon occurs at 6:53 am, ushering in the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Water Rabbit. Moving us beyond the fighting spirit of the Tiger Year, the Year of the Water Rabbit is said to bring a sense of peace, prosperity and serenity. The direct energy at this New Moon will build momentum over the next few days especially as the Moon (a few hours after) and the Sun on the 25th of January form energizing sextiles to Jupiter in Aries. This brings courage to make deep changes and a sense of boldly stepping into the future. With the Moon in Aquarius there’s an air of unpredictability and a need to interact socially in order to feel emotionally centred and right about yourself.

At two degrees of Aquarius this first new Moon of 2023 is symbolised as An Unexpected Thunderstorm. This speaks to the need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises. There are many connections between the intuitive asteroids making this a key time for healing on both a personal and a collective basis. With the Sun and Moon in the sign of freedom aligned Aquarius, the general energy focus for this New Moon will be unconventional, humanitarian and concerned about the environment.

The Full Moon occurs at 4:28 am on the 6th of February at 17 degrees of Leo and is symbolised as A Volunteer Church Choir Singing Religious Hymns. This goes to the feeling of togetherness which unites people in their dedication to a collective ideal. What is sung reflects the special way in which a particular community of human beings interprets the deepest realities of human existence and the human longing for an ideal. Creative self expression is emphasized at the Leo Full Moon and there is a creative tension between romance and friendship, and personal and impersonal self expression. With the Full Moon forming a square to Uranus, our reactions will be once again tinged with a streak of originality and unpredictability.