An interview with Conna Alexander.

Hi Conna, thanks for answering a few questions for me. We are so excited to have you join the team at Kundalini House.

What drew you to working in the Allied Health industry and specifically Osteopathy?

Since a young age I always wanted to study medicine. Originally surgery was my main interest though after a lot of reflection; a position in the health field that was more prophylactic and versatile was more suited. Around the same time, I met an osteopath who changed my trajectory and I knew osteopathy was where I wanted to keep my focus.

You have also started a Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (just acupuncture, the herbs degree they stopped running because of low admission, (master of acupuncture)? You obviously have a drive to continue understanding the health and the human body.  It would be an amazing combination – Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine – can you tell us a little bit about how you see these two amazing modalities working together?

After studying osteopathy for quite a few years, many of the questions I had about health and medicine from a western mind I found answered by the east. Their ability to diagnose the most subtle changes in person, combined with their impressive cultivation of health is really where I see the next evolution of osteopathy.

You work with the Sutherland Technique, can you tell us a little bit about this and how you see it working?

Dr Sutherland was a student of the founder of osteopathic medicine, A.T Still. He was a pioneer in the field and in his years even as a college student he was asking questions that his tutors where saying were impossible. Sutherland hypothesised that there is an inherent rhythm occurring within the body, in which the cranium and the sacrum mirror one another in a cycle of motion. Dr Sutherland suggests that if this cycle of motion is in its ideal state of function good health will be the outcome.

In my own practice, I have found that the natural healing capabilities within the inherent motion of an individual is the primary factor in their recovery from illness and that is why I find Sutherland technique such a useful model of medicine.