Welcome to the Future: Aquarius New Moon and the Leo Full Moon

2024 gets off to a flying start, with Jupiter stationing direct on New Year’s Eve, consolidating an expansive party atmosphere and suggesting better times ahead in 2024. Mercury then stations to go direct on the 2nd of January. By the 27th of January all the planets will be moving in a forward direction propelling us rapidly into the future in this year of major change. However with Mars moving into Capricorn on the 5th of January followed shortly after by Mercury on the 14th of January and Venus going there on the 23rd of January, just days after the Sun. There’s an air of common sense and caution that should assist in maintaining our balance and achieving our aims.

On the 11th of January the Capricorn New Moon occurs at 9:57 pm,  At 21 degrees of Capricorn this first new Moon of 2024 is symbolised as: A Conservative, Old Fashioned Woman is Confronted by a Hippie Girl. This speaks to the need to transcend subservience to fashion, in morals as well as in clothes. It refers to collective and cultural and social crisis which challenges us to realize the relativity of social values. The Moon and Sun form a tight square to the nodal axis at this time, bringing in karmic issues and foreshadowing some potentially difficult decisions. Saturn and Jupiter are also providing assistance, in a useful sextile aspect, which facilitates productivity.

We can anticipate significant global changes with the entry of Pluto into Aquarius on the 21st of January where it will remain for 20 years. This is within minutes of the Sun’s entry into Aquarius in turn shining a light on creative future possibilities and bringing intensity and an air of transformation to the Sun’s sojourn in the sign until the 19th of February.  A change in Pluto’s sign marks a major shift in the focus of power within society and in this instance power is heading away from autocrats and towards the people. Major transformation can be associated with much needed humanitarian and collective values.   It could lead to a rethinking of how authority, government, and societal systems work and an increased focus on global cooperation based on justice and mutual understanding. While these changes may happen gradually, they will likely impact how we all think and perceive the world. With Pluto in Aquarius we will be embracing the interconnectedness of all things.

The Full Moon occurs at 3:53 am on the 26th of January at 6 degrees of Leo and is symbolised as A Relay Race. This goes to the value of competition in developing group consciousness. It reminds us that major achievements result from dynamic interchange and the sum total of human strivings. The Leo Full Moon is a time when we are challenged to find the balance between our personal expression and the greater good of the group. A square to Jupiter will provide a subconscious disposition towards optimistic expansion and enthusiastic emotional reactions, provided we recognise our own limitations.

When unpredictable Uranus goes direct on the 28th of January, we may be able to transcend some of the social conditioning that has prevented us from settling some unresolved issues. Venus, Mercury and Mars form productive aspects to Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter around this time.