What is a flower essence?

Flower Essences are a beautiful, energetic medicine that work primarily on the subtle energy of the body. They work on our mental, emotional, and spiritual self by bringing our energy back into balance.The idea behind this is that each plant or flower holds a signature, or an imprint – kind of like a stereotype or little personality. By matching a flower with the pattern out of alignment with ourselves, the energy of the plant encourages the body to be brought gently back into alignment.

For example, the flower essence Crowea is used for worry and anxiety, particularly if it is being driven by a sense of something not being quite right. It helps to bring in a sense of peace, clarity and balance. By taking Crowea as a flower essence, the vital force of the plant inspires our own innate vitality to match its energy, bringing in the pattern of the plant to settle our emotions.

They are homeopathic in nature, meaning they do not contain physiologically active ingredients like nutrients or phytochemicals, as found in herbs or supplements. They are very safe and can be used for a wide range of issues and conditions, and can be used for kids, pets, and during pregnancy.

rebecca van horssen naturopath

Rebecca van Horssen has been practicing Naturopathy since 2015 and Kinesiology since 2013.

She is available for appointments at our Health Clinic on Saturdays and as an on-the-floor Naturopath for basic/acute advice Monday-Friday.