A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades

Strong energy, with a hint of impulsive aggression, will form the backdrop for the late April Full Moon. The days leading up to this monthly event are intense, with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all traversing old ground as they move slowly retrograde. Mars, Pluto and Saturn are interacting to create issues around inner power and providing a potent recipe for deep inner reflection.

The Scorpio full Moon that occurs at 10:58 am on 30 April can be expected to bring some deep emotions to the surface for release. Scorpio is the most intense and secret water sign and this full Moon will be a particularly potent one for releasing emotions that have been repressed. Perhaps, on a subconscious level this will be triggering primal fear and anxiety about one’s very survival, in order to let it go. Don’t be surprised if secrets are revealed, either within your personal orbit or in the world at large.

This Full Moon occurs at 10 degrees of Scorpio, bringing in a focus on comradeship and the importance of establishing or strengthening links with those with whom one has shared, or can share, living experiences.

That the Moon’s Nodes are also intimately involved with this Full Moon is an indication of a particularly karmic focus at this time and there may even be a hint of magic. Maybe we will be able to invoke the spirit of someone dear to us, who is no longer embodied. Or perhaps you may sense that someone you encounter has been known to you in a previous incarnation.

The power planets of Mars and Pluto are combining their energies and on the positive side may lend some traction towards achieving your goals, during this period. This is aided by the involvement of the disciplinarian Saturn, currently in its ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn stationed to go retrograde on the 18th of April, suggesting a turning inwards of our power and an inclination to do the work thoroughly.

The Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio Full Moon will have spotlighted just what needs to be eradicated, in leaving your emotional baggage behind.


While the next column will focus on the ingress of Uranus into Taurus, suffice to say that Uranus moves into the final degree of Aries in late April. There will be a sense of upheaval in preparation for a whole new cycle.


This is once again a powerful time to breathe deeply, be observant and connect to source.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House.