Expansion and Letting Go of Past Beliefs at the Sagittarian Full Moon Eclipse


In these ‘unprecedented’ times, the eclipse season is fast approaching. This is a time when the evolution of humanity is intensified, with the first of three eclipses within a month occuring on the 6th of June. It marks the start of a series of eclipses occurring on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis over the next eighteen months. One of the key themes for this series is likely to be the question of what it true and what is not. This eclipse occurs within a degree of the Great Attractor, a massive enigmatic galactic point, an immense force, a vortex of spinning and gravitational energy that sucks galaxies in its wake. Astrologically the presence of the Great Attractor is associated with raw creative energy and linked with precognition.


The position of the eclipses relates directly to the location of the nodes. With the North Node now in Gemini and its opposite South Node in Sagittarius a wealth of new information may be challenging us to incorporate new perspectives—moving towards unity in diversity. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 29th of May and we need to take care that subconscious prejudices and fears don’t interfere with objectivity and our attention to the many new ideas that are pervading the airwaves. We still have five planets in mutable signs—including Neptune and Mars in Pisces— and four in air signs. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are all retrograde prompting us to heal our past and shine a light on limiting beliefs, including those locked up in past trauma, as well as relationship and financial fears. Boundaries still loom large on the agenda with responsible Saturn reminding us to ponder the importance of time, structure, discipline and authority and Pluto keeping transformation on the agenda. The more personal Venus is providing an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate relationships, strengthen our sense of self and deepen self-love, while Jupiter is going for broke prompting a rethink of truth and the purpose of life.


The Sagittarian Full Moon—a partial lunar eclipse— occurs at 5:13 am on the 6th of June[1] with Mars exactly squaring both the Sun and the Moon, while Venus is closely aligned with the Sun. With the action planet Mars in Pisces, close to its ruler Neptune, it will be important to not lose energy at this Full Moon or to waste our power in irritability and angry confrontation. While relationships may be tested, tapping into compassion and spiritual action will bring rewards. Mercury and Uranus will also be linking up to provide sudden insights and new learnings.

The 16th degree of Sagittarius where this Full Moon eclipse occurs is described as Seagulls fly around a ship in the expectation of food. This is a symbol of dependence. It is pointing out how nature can readily become subserveint to man’s restless ambition to dominate the entire biosphere. We are reminded of the folly of simply reverting to our earlier treatment of the earth post pandemic. This is a mutable Full Moon Eclipse and it’s important to respond to the call to be adaptable at this time. Humanity has been living beyond our means and we have taken things to extremes. It’s time to lighten up and get real. Expect significant disclosures around this time and new information could come to light that may challenge our current beliefs with freedom, truth, justice and beliefs particularly strong themes at this time.

[1] Only about half of the Moon’s surface will be covered by the earth’s shadow at this partial eclipse and it will be visible in Melbourne, last for over three hours and be at its peak at 5.24 am.

Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House