Shape Shifting into a New Normal: The Pisces New Moon

The tension between the urge to invent the future and the desire to return to the past, that constitutes the predominant theme for 2021 under the Saturn-Uranus square, moves slightly into the background in March. We will also hear less of the stern Saturn-Mars interchanges that have continued into early 2021, after having dominated much of 2020, when a Mars retrograde journey ensured the stop-start energy of this planetary pairing was around much more than usual. Hopefully this shift will coincide with fewer restrictions and rules as the vaccine does its thing.

Once Mars moves into mutable Gemini on the 4th of March we can expect lots of talk about action and an air of diffused excitement. With Venus and Uranus also interacting harmoniously at this time, there’s a willingness to break free. There’s more flexibility and clever communication in our assertion and the focus of our desire changes more quickly with Mars in mutable Gemini. Just twelve hours later Gemini’s ruler Mercury shares space with Jupiter, lending an expansive optimistic air and perhaps bringing welcome news and more faith in the future. A lot of energy is unlocked around this time. We can expect action and initiative to be directed towards making connections and exploring curious new ideas.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (joined for a shorter period by Mercury) are helping a new more meaningful paradigm for humanity to unfold, with its focus on egalitarianism and freedom, as we move into the Aquarian Age.

The Sun joins forces with Neptune in Pisces on the 11th of March helpfully shining a light on misinformation, as secrets and lies are revealed. Venus and Neptune will be sharing space not too far from the Sun on the 14th of March making for an especially creative time. Although temporary the Piscean energy culminates towards the New Moon with the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Neptune all radiating with the mutable, adaptive energy of Pisces. While confusion and escapism are associated with the shadow side of Pisces, all this Piscean energy provides an excellent atmosphere for retreats, artistic pursuits, romanticism and mysticism.

The New Moon occurs at 8:20 pm on Saturday the 13th of March at the 24th degree of Pisces, which is characterised as On a Small Island Surrounded by the Vast Expanse of the Sea, People are Seen Living in Close Interaction. The keyword here is centralisation and it speaks to the need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate energy and live a centred and fulfilled life. While acknowledging that our first duty is to be present in our authentic individuality, it is also crucial to remember our place and function in the vaster whole.

Mercury also moves into Pisces on the 16th of March suggesting that verbal energy is inspired by flexibility and the power of synthesis. Even so, reason and the power of discrimination can be clouded by confusion. Compassion is highlighted and communication can be perceived on more than one level with Mercury in Pisces.

A whole new beginning is just around the corner with the Autumn Equinox/Astrological New Year occurring on the 20th of March. This is marked by the entry of the Sun into Pisces and will be the focus of the next column.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House