Embodied Calm and an Easy Productivity: The Virgo Full Moon

With the battle between the old and the new building, the forecast fortnight begins with the first of three Saturn-Uranus squares—becoming exact in the early hours of Thursday the 18th of February. Control is up against freedom in this tug of war, which constitutes the astrological signature for 2021. Individually and collectively we are being tasked to find the appropriate balance between these forces. 2021 will be another year of revelation and disclosure, as some of our mental constructs are challenged—radically changing the way we view the world. Unpredictable and inventive Uranus, the cosmic trickster, will in the end triumph in helping to create new manifestations from old structures and forms that have outlived their usefulness. The challenge is to forge a peaceful revolution while taking responsibility for healing our personal and society wide relationships and our Earth. This is the stuff of an eventual transformative breakthrough.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th of February, calling for a new vision based on compassion, and encouraging the sensitive and inspired expression of creative energy. The Sun is joined by Venus entering Pisces on the 26th of February further suggesting that affection is expressed sensitively, kindly and sympathetically while evoking the capacity for selfless giving.

Meanwhile Mercury’s retrograde journey through Aquarius ends on the 22nd of February. While it has been providing an opportunity to choose love over fear and to draw on individual creativity in union with like minded people, we may welcome a return to forward momentum when it comes to communication issues. With all the planets moving in a forward direction much can now be achieved. At best Mars Pluto trine exact on the 25th of February empowers an urge to transform situations and eliminate impediments through decisive action.

The Virgo Full Moon occurs at 6:17 pm on Saturday the 27th of February at the 9th degree of Virgo, which is characterised as An Expressionist Painter at Work. This speaks to the urge to express one’s individualized sense of value regardless of tradition. It goes to the issue of self-relaince and the potential for transformation of the personality. The Virgo Full Moon urges us to balance service to others with self care and an easy productivity. Full Moons are self evidently illuminating and revelations are especially on the agenda with this Full Moon. With the Moon in Virgo there is a feeling of security to be gleaned through analysis of the physical and emotional world and through making definite, concrete improvements. The focus is on health and the ancient wisdom of the earth. With Uranus forming close and harmonious aspects with both the Moon and the Sun we can expect a relatively easy acceptance of change and progress now.

We may be seeing things more clearly so it’s a good time for making progress while adjusting routines as necessary. Listen to any strong messages from your intuition. You don’t need to make up any ground all at once and it may also be a good time to chill out and trust.



Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House