Prophetic Dreams and Shifting Values: Solar Eclipse at the Gemini New Moon

Eclipse season is associated with endings and sudden change and there’s a certain amount of chaos in the zeitgeist between eclipses. Referring to the square between Jupiter and the recent Sagittarian solar eclipse of the 26th of May, I noted in my last blog  that anything that manifested would be bigger and more expansive (perhaps even more long lasting) than ever. Melbourne went into lockdown a little over 24 hours later and this lockdown has just been extended until the bookending Annular Solar Eclipse on the 10th of June. 

Meanwhile an opposition between Mars and Pluto, exact on the 6th of June, could bring intensity into relationships and past emotional pain may be released. While reaching breaking point and some kind of reckoning is possible, wisely used this transit may bring a tremendous drive and empowered determination to push past our limitations.

Mercury recently joined Saturn and Pluto in retracing steps, encouraging us to review our communications while also providing a reminder to take the time to listen and to open our eyes to seeing spirit in all experiences. Meanwhile the combination of expansive Jupiter temporarily in Pisces and Neptune at home in Pisces is taking us through a dissolution process where we are forced to deal with expanded uncertainty while not losing trust in the future.

The upcoming solar eclipse and the previous rather spectacular lunar eclipse are both part of a highly unusual and creative 1,050 year Saros Series of eclipses known as 5 North. Last activated in 2003, this series is believed to involve sudden flashes of ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious flavour. The hunches, visions and prophetic dreams that come from this eclipse can be acted upon. 

The Gemini New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse occurs at 8:53 pm on the 10th of June at 20 degrees of Gemini. This degree is characterised as A Modern Cafeteria Displays an Abundance of Food, Products of Various Regions. It concerns the taking in of multifarious knowledge through the synthesising power of the mind. Discrimination and assimilation are called for here, while avoiding waste associated with mental confusion and a lack of discrimination. This will be particularly important with the eclipse squaring Neptune, the very planet of potential confusion. Crucially the eclipse occurs within a degree of retrograde Mercury, strengthening its association with important information and learning. 

With so much nervous energy at the Gemini Solar Eclipse and the square to Neptune in Pisces, it will be important to try and get away from any tendency to over-think things and to trust in the new pathways that emerge at this time. We can anticipate a shift in our values and a potential increase in self-worth. Be a little cautious, maintain integrity in all your dealings and beware of any distorted thought processes which could leave you vulnerable to confusion and deception. Whatever is obscured during an eclipse is making way for something new to be born in its place. 

Mars enters Leo on June 11 bringing a degree of drama, assertion, and a desire for recognition to our actions. The second of the three exact Saturn-Uranus squares that dominate 2021 is a factor in the solar eclipse New Moon and becomes exact on the 15th of June. In this battle between the old and the new, it will be important to stay open-minded, patient and flexible. Challenges can be turned into opportunities to rid yourself of negative, restrictive, and limiting things in your life. 

Profound changes in thinking are likely to follow-on from this eclipse. While short term travel may not be possible you may expect an increase in personal interaction both over the internet and in your neighbourhood and with siblings. This will be a busy eclipse phase involving lots of new information correspondence, meetings, social activity and decision making.