Letting Your Light Shine at the Leo New Moon

The dynamism of July continues into August. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter have all recently changed signs, with Jupiter’s re-entry into Aquarius most notable. Mars now moves into Virgo on Friday the 30th July joining Venus in that helpful and practical sign.  With Mars in Virgo assertion is underpinned by an underlying need to serve and a striving for perfection in achieving one’s desires.

On the eight of August each year the Leo Sun unites with Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, as it appears closer to Earth.  This creates a cosmic alignment known as the 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal. This year the New Moon also occurs at 11:49pm on Sunday the 8th of August. Even without the New Moon this is a supercharged day for manifesting abundance and dreaming big as the alignment between Sirius and Earth signals a time of increased cosmic energy flow between physical and spiritual realms. An intense surge of light from this star of magic is said to be linked to an ability to awaken one’s DNA to harness hidden forces to work with subtle energies towards manifestation in the material realm.

At 17 degrees of Leo this New Moon is described as A Volunteer Church Choir Singing Religious Hymns. This speaks to the feeling of togetherness that unites people in their dedication to a collective ideal.   The fellowship of common work needed for substance and security in a dangerous world is exalted in periodic rituals in which community members participate. Making the most of any situation is a key here. The pandemic has indeed united our world with the Aquarian sense that we are all in things together, and with social distancing and lock downs encapsulating the restrictive force of Saturn in Aquarius.

With Uranus closely squaring the position jointly held by the Moon and the Sun at the New Moon we can anticipate, if not predict, sudden change that arrives like a lightning strike ensuring chaos or liberation. A loose opposition with Saturn reminds us yet again of the old versus new Saturn-Uranus square that dominates the zeitgeist this year. With Uranus at the apex of this T-square there’s the possibility for any change to proceed in an original, tolerant, and progressive way, while reminding us that new possibilities emerge from impermanence. Perhaps something is breaking into the light of our consciousness at this time. An opposition between Venus and Neptune encourages us to show forgiveness, especially to self, and to practice kindness. This is a time to open up your heart energy and to acknowledge what makes you shine. Expect a particularly powerful burst of energy from this New Moon. With so much fixed energy we are being shown where we need to be more adaptable.