Finding the Middle Path and Moving Forward at the Libra New Moon


Mercury has been retrograding through Libra since the 28th of September, where decision making may be hindered by a need to understand all points of view. During this COVID lockdown challenging time we are prompted to go inward to first achieve a mental balance between our relationships with others and our personal aspirations. An urge for diplomacy is suggested by the presence of Mars and Venus in each other’s sign until the 7th of October.

The detachment and objectivity of air along with its curiosity, need for relationship and craving for understanding are all on display at the time of the New Moon, with the North Node in Gemini, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Libra and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.


The New Moon occurs at 09:05 pm on the 6th of October at the 14th degree of Libra, characterised as In the Heat of the Noon Hour a Man Takes a Siesta. There would appear to be more than a little synchronicity in the message here, which highlights the need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity. In line with the inward journey prompted by Mercury’s retrograde journey through Libra, there is the suggestion that the body needs quiet and relaxation from nervous tension, particularly from that associated with business. This will allow the strange, but evidently necessary play of dream fantasies. After all by the time of the next New Moon on the 5th of November we may be contemplating a radical social restructure as we emerge from our confined lifestyles.


On this inward journey Mars is exactly conjunct the Sun and the Moon bringing initiative, energy and passion and perhaps some impatience at this New Moon. Uranus will be forming an exact quincunx (150 degrees) to all three heavenly bodies. We can expect an increased likelihood of further protests under this influence, along with surprising and unpredictable new developments. We need to be ready to break out of our comfort zone, while the added influence of Chiron opposite the Sun, Moon and Mars suggests the opportunity for healing rifts in our relationships. Mercury retrograde is asking us to think before acting and to choose our words carefully.


The New Moon is a time for making a fresh start and whilst the associated energy of. Mars can bring the courage and energy to question old beliefs and habits, be aware of the need to restrain any recklessness or impatience at this highly charged New Moon. An abundance of energy is best channeled through productive, physical exertion, thus alleviating nervous tension and avoiding unnecessary drama.


October is a highly dynamic month and momentum is building with the return to forward direction of Pluto on the 7th of October and Saturn on the 12th of October with both Jupiter and Mercury joining the forward velocity on the 19th of October.