A Courageous and Dynamic Aries Full Moon

Venus entered Sagittarius on the 8th of October bringing a hint of optimism and an inkling of the future─ when we finally come out of lockdown. 

Meanwhile the overall focus on the air element continues, combining detachment and objectivity with penchant for fresh ideas, and bringing a craving for understanding and the need for connection. At the time of the Full Moon the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Libra, while the North Node is still in Gemini, and Jupiter and Saturn continue their journey through Aquarius. 

The biggest news of the period is an increase in onward momentum associated with the continuing return to forward direction of the outer planets. While Pluto (6th October) and then Saturn (11th October) have already changed direction, their energy will remain intense over the next few weeks. After all they are still close to the earth and moving extremely slowly, just like a pendulum when it is changing direction.  A couple of days before the Aries Full Moon, on the 18th of October, both Jupiter and Mercury join the gradual planetary shift forward, just a day after an intense Sun-Pluto square makes power conflicts more likely. There’s an energetic turn-around that has been building up throughout October and we are palpably finally moving into new territory. 

The Full Moon occurs at 00:58 am on the 21st of October at the 28th degree of Aries, characterised as A Large Audience Confronts the Performer who Disappointed its Expectations. It speaks to the necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism and the responsibility for what one’s actions will produce, in people who have been made to expect significant results. 

Pluto is still forming a loose square to the Sun and the Moon which are of course opposite each other at the Full Moon, with Mars once again loosely conjunct the Sun and widely opposite the Moon. There is an intense dynamism and need for action at this time. A hint of freedom and expansion is added with Jupiter forming an exact Trine with Mars adding a mix of self belief and good intentions and inclining action taken at this time towards successful outcomes. There is a sense of new possibilities and lots of opportunities at this creative Full Moon. It will be easier to move things forward and we could experience a welcome tune up of our energy at this time. We have all been through so much change and the Aries Full Moon prompts a journey involving the courage to listen to your inner voice and to trust your intuition. 

Mars comes into a tense square with Pluto the day after the Full Moon suggesting a desire to penetrate to the core of experience and to transform situations through decisive actions. No longer content with grace and harmony, the Sun gets more intense when it enters Scorpio on the 23rd of October, where creative energy penetrates surface experience.