Big New Beginnings and Shedding Old Beliefs: Sagittarian New Moon Solar Eclipse

As redemptive Neptune stations to go direct on the 2nd of December its symbolism, which encompasses water, oil, pollution, leaks, toxicity, the media, drugs, imagination and spiritual visions, is heightened. Now, with the exception of Uranus, due for its own change in direction in January, all the planets are moving forward bringing a quite palpable sense of forward momentum.

With both the Sun and Mercury now in Sagittarius there’s more of an open and optimistic spirit in the air with truth, ideals, and the law foregrounded.

The Sagittarius New Moon will occur at 5:42 pm on Saturday the 4th of December, with the eclipse partially visible in Melbourne from 7:53 to 8:12pm. The New Moon is at 13 degrees Sagittarius which references A Widow’s Past Brought to Life. The keynote here is the karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle. A story or situation with a long history from the past is being revealed so that something, someone or a relationship can be viewed in a new light. With Chiron playing a key role in this New Moon this can be quite healing.

This is an especially exciting new beginning with the New Moon eclipse just a couple of degrees from the Great Attractor. This is the gravitational centre of the Laniakea Super Cluster of which our Milky Way is one of 100,000 galaxies. The Great Attractor literally warps time and space while bending light with its massive gravity.  While remaining a mystery, Phillip Sedgwick says of the Great Attractor that it reminds us that knowledge must evolve in order for us to be aligned in any moment with full consciousness.

This is also the second eclipse in the past month of the 5 South Saros Series. This eclipse series is characterised as a joyful, happy family of eclipses associated with the arrival of good news, falling in love or a peak experience that is joyful in some way.

The Gemini-Sagittarius nodal story of the past 18 months is now close to its completion, including its focus on the vexed issue of truth and conspiracy, information and belief. With the eclipse close to the  South Node and being the last one in Sagittarius for another nine years it suggests a completion, the clearing away of old karma and the embrace of new life directions. There’s a sense of renewal of faith and growth and expansion enabling a bigger understanding and new potential. This is a time of understanding why we may have believed certain things in the past to be true and a revelation that we may no longer have a need for things that impinge negatively on our feelings of self worth.

With Mercury just a few degrees from the eclipse point we can expect new information, new connections and a sense of being in the right place at the right time.  A square between Jupiter and Mars and another linking Mercury and Neptune suggests that demonstrations and confused angry outbursts can be expected to continue. However these are transformative, galactic times and there’s a real sense of hope in the air.