What Really Matters at a Taurus Full Moon Eclipse


This month will mark the first of a two year sequence of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, with the final Sagittarius eclipse to follow two weeks later. This completes the Gemini-Sagittarius nodal story of the past 18 months, which has brought such a focus on the vexed issue of truth and conspiracy, information and belief.

Assertive and passionate Mars in Scorpio continues to actively interact with other planets. A square between Mars and Saturn exact on the 14th of November contributes a stop-start energy and a need to be conscious of crossing boundaries. Then on the 18th of November an opposition between Mars and Uranus combines impatience and independence with rebelliousness and a sense of freedom. A taste of the unexpected, perhaps a revolutionary energy, and a degree of rage is in the air and it would be wise to be careful on the road etc. in order to avoid accidents associated with this rushed energy.


Venus and Uranus form a beneficial Trine just over an hour before the Full Moon bringing a shift in emotional experiences and the odd exciting surprise. Jupiter is loosely square both the Scorpio Sun and the Taurus Moon bringing an urge to expand beyond the self and an urge to connect with higher energies.


The Full Moon partial eclipse occurs at 7:57pm on Friday the 19th of November at 28 degrees of Taurus. The reference here is to A Woman, Past Her ‘Change of Life’, Experiences a New Love. This speaks to the human capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations. It encourages freely opening one’s mind to the ever-present possibilities of new beginnings or re-imaginings building on a more mature response to the new possibility of experience.


This lunar eclipse and the following total solar eclipse at the Full Moon of the 4th of December at 13 degrees of Sagittarius are in 5 South Saros Series. This eclipse series is characterised as a joyful, happy family of eclipses associated with the arrival of good news, falling in love or a peak experience that is joyful in some way. As the effect of an eclipse is said to last for six months, including the days and possibly weeks leading up to it, here’s hoping this augurs well for the Climate Summit.


This illuminated and eclipsed Full Moon encourages a review of your values and the opportunity to look at materialism in a new way, considering what really matters to you. There’s a focus on simplicity and natural comforts such as nature and food. Money, survival, equality, self worth all come under the spotlight and you may be drawn to reassess relationships and work out what is worthwhile. Breaking free from any feelings of inertia that have settled in during the lockdown is a possibility as is unlocking some buried treasure in terms of memories, your creative potential and resources.


Once the Sun moves into futuristic and optimistic Sagittarius on the 22nd of November things lighten up somewhat and Jupiter brings an open and optimistic spirit. The truth, ideals, and the law are also foregrounded. Mercury follows the Sun’s path into Sagittarius on the 25th of November.