Honouring your Emotions at a powerful Cancerian Full Moon


Jupiter is now in Pisces, the spiritual sign that it house shares with Neptune, with the power to deepen our emotions, heighten our creativity, and encourage exciting spiritual awakenings. This is providing some optimism to balance out the serious nature and associated limitations of the Sun, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn at this time. Venus has been in Capricorn since early November and won’t move into Aquarius until March 2022. Until the 30th of January Venus continues to give us opportunities to reassess our values, goals, priorities, obligations, limits, and self worth on its retrograde journey. It calls on us to review our relationship with reality and authority including our role in creating and maintaining that reality. A transformative interaction with Uranus adds rebellion and independence to the mix. Venus in Capricorn helps us connect with what is most meaningful, purposeful and valuable in our lives.


The backwards reflection is also on the agenda of messenger God Mercury which journeys retrograde in Aquarius from the 15th of January. This provides an opportunity to reflect, review and re-organize during Mercury’s three week retrograde period and over the six weeks or so until it gets back to the eleventh degree of Aquarius from whence it journeyed backwards. The retrograde journey takes Mercury back into Capricorn on the 27th of January shifting the focus away from the intellect and on to the corporeal world.


The Full Moon occurs at 9:48 am on the 18th of January at 28 degrees of Cancer. This degree is characterised as An Indian Girl Introduces Her White Lover to her Assembled Tribe.  It references inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions. This signals a dramatic transformation into a simpler life and a return to nature, a sense that is reinforced by the recent entry of the North Node into Taurus and a new collective karma narrative with a focus on values, resources and once again calling us back to earth. Simultaneously the South Node in Scorpio will be helping us to let go of deeply emotional material to do with how we share energies with or merge with others in relationship,

This powerful Full Moon in her home sign of Cancer brings a focus on home and what you need to take care of yourself. At the same time the annual meet up of the opposing Sun with Pluto suggests the unearthing of shocking, unsettling news, particularly in America, a country quite noticeably experiencing its first Pluto return concurrent with this event. Issues of power and powerful feelings will pervade. While it will be natural to feel vulnerable at this time, there is also grounding and stabilizing energy available to us. The need to nurture the vulnerable and look after children will be prominently on the agenda.

The day after the Full Moon Uranus stations to go direct urging us to break free from the past and forge a new direction. With all the outer planets moving forwards we are moving into new territory at this time.