Trusting Your Heart’s Desire at the Leo Full Moon

Following on from its recent retrograde journey through Capricorn, Mercury meets up with Pluto for the third time on Saturday the 12th of February, conjuring themes of the breaking of taboos and the outing of long buried secrets, especially about the misuse of power. Mercury then moves into humanitarian Aquarius a few days later on the 15th of February. Our need to learn through intense, transformative experiences, albeit in a cautious and self-sufficient way, takes on a less obsessive, more detached and future-oriented flavour.

Meanwhile having completed its two month retrograde journey, Venus meets up with the other personal planet Mars as they dance together within a degree or two of each other for an unusually long and hence significant time from now until mid-March. This blending of our need to feel pleasure and harmony with our desires and impetus for action constitutes a particularly creative and erotic union of our masculine and feminine energy. Yet they are currently travelling through Capricorn, so this dance will include an air of caution and self discipline. Romance and friendship are clearly on the agenda at this time and during the Leo Full Moon.

The Full Moon occurs at 3.57 am on the 17th of February at 28 degrees. This degree of the Full Moon is described as Many Little Birds on the Limb of a Big Tree. This speaks of a wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities. There is a message here about not being overwhelmed by multiple possibilities but rather enjoying the wonderful lightness of feeling this may bring after many days, months or even years of frustration or darkness. It’s an especially good time for gathering with like minded people or doing whatever it takes to reach your true objective.

With the nodes of the Moon forming a Grand Cross with the Moon and Sun at this Full Moon, there is an especially karmic signature to this Full Moon. Pluto, ruler of the South Node, is also significantly interacting with each of the four players in the Grand Cross (Sun, Moon and both Nodes) and there’s a sense of discomfort which may assist with resolving an increased desire for release and transformation. The North and South Node are interacting with Pluto in Capricorn bringing a strong collective focus, with issues of integrity and maturity, trust and the manipulation of power squarely on the agenda. Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, in doing such a brilliant job of speaking truth to power, have been powerfully exposing these themes and keeping them front and centre of the Australian zeitgeist.   

The Sun’s move into Pisces on the 19th of February brings compassion and healing, joining Pisces two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, here, as these two planets move towards a rare planetary line-up in April.