Service and Compassion at the Virgo New and Pisces Full Moon

Mars moved into Gemini on the 20th of August lending flexibility to one’s assertion and encouraging the use of immediate perceptions and a wide variety of specialized skills. Mars will remain in Gemini until March 2023.

The Sun entered Virgo on the 23rd of August encouraging the channelling of creative energy to analytical ends, utilising discrimination and with a desire to be of service.  Two days later Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus at the very same degree of Taurus where it was at when it co-joined the North Node and Mars at the beginning of the month and where it will remain for the next two months. This degree of Taurus described as A New Continent is Rising out of the Ocean speaks to a surge in potentiality after crisis and calls for spontaneity, with the conscious rational ego no longer so much in control.

The New Moon at 6:17pm on the 27th of August is at five degrees of Virgo which references A Person Becoming Aware of Nature Spirits and Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies.  This speaks to the opening of new levels of consciousness and the theme of imagination. While the New Moon is always an excellent point in the lunar cycle for planning, the Virgo New Moon focus is on caring for self at a mind-body level. This is a good time to ask yourself what you want to improve, while being wary of not being drawn into the Virgoan tendency towards self-criticism. The only significant aspect at this New Moon is a square between the co-joined Sun and Moon and Mars in Gemini. This is a frustrating aspect which pits the indecisiveness of the Gemini Mars against the need to work out the practical details within the planning spotlight of the Virgo New Moon. There’s a message here about talking things out in the lead up to making choices about where to direct your energy, especially with Mercury, the co-ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, forming a helpful trine to Mars at this time.

Then on Saturday the 10th of September the Full Moon perfects at 18 degrees of Pisces, which is described as In a Gigantic Tent Villagers Witness a Fantastic Performance. This speaks to the collective appeal of a well staged and exciting display of skill and/or oratory, bringing the community together in a common goal. It suggests a time of energy and inspiration has come for the individual to dare to present their work to the community for applause or for the purposes of attracting a following.

As always a Pisces Full Moon is an ideal time for demonstrating compassion and calm and for giving free rein to the imagination and dreams.  Our powers of empathy are likely to be strong around this time and we may have an increased awareness of humanity and life on earth.

As has often been the case in recent times, the Moon and Sun are interacting with Uranus at this Full Moon.  This time it’s a harmonious trine aspect that will probably advance desires for change and for leaving the past behind. The tendency towards unrestrained self expression at this time may further the potential attainment of inner security and tranquillity.

Astrology by Gil Dwyer

Gil is an astrologer, editor and writer, with a Sagittarian passion for understanding what makes people tick. She believes that astrology can help to set the soul free and is a rich and wonderful way to explore the lifetime journey towards living the authentic self. Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency, Agent 25 first learnt to construct a natal chart by hand in the 1970s, holds a Diploma in Applied Astrology from the Chiron Centre which she finished in 2012 with the thesis Weird, Shocking and Unconventional: A Moon-Uranus Tale. She also has an Honours Degree in Sociology and a long history of social research, policy and planning in public health, women’s health and Aboriginal health and welfare. Gil has been doing a regular astrology blog for Kundalini House since 2017 and has been a keen Kundalini Yoga and QiGong student and member of Kundalini House for six years.  (