The Great March Shift and the Aries New Moon and Libran Full Moon


Occurring a little more than an hour after the Astrological New Year or Autumn Equinox, the New Moon is in the very first degree of the zodiac. The reference at one degree of Aries is to A Woman Just Risen From the Sea – A Seal is Embracing Her. With Aries representative of the birth of the conscious ego this degree is about the IMPULSE TO BE with an emphasis on the emergence of new forms and the potentiality of consciousness.  In addition to the Sun and the Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter are also all in pioneering Aries at this time.  Mars, ruler of Aries, makes a square to this lunation and an even closer square to Neptune in Pisces. It’s time to make a bold new start with compassion while not getting lost in a Neptunian fog. Pluto also forms a sextile to the Moon and Sun suggesting deep transformation associated with this major change point and that it’s time to take a few risks. These are indeed transformative times with Pluto forming a T-Square with the Nodal Axis from March through to December and scheduled to make an aspect to every New Moon until August.

Then from the 25th of March to the 12th of June we will experience a three month preview of Pluto’s first tentative step into Aquarius before it dips back into Capricorn to complete its work there before re-entering Aquarius in January 2024 for a significantly long 20 year period. A change in Pluto’s sign marks a major shift in the focus of power within society and indicates the area of life that will be up for major transformation. Revolutionary change was the flavour of Pluto’s last sojourn in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, including the French and American Revolutions.  Pluto in Aquarius can be anticipated to focus the zeitgeist on community, equality, feminism and liberation after the current focus on plutocracy and traditional patriarchy. Eventually we can anticipate a major shift from the power of the autocrat to the power of the people. The way we gather, work together and exchange will be reinvented and the level of technological change will be significant.


The entry of Mars into Cancer on the 25th of March is also significant, as it has spent an unusually long period of six months moving back and forth through Gemini, helping us to be more introspective in our curiosity and to deconstruct ideas and beliefs that could do with a rethink while hopefully getting a better understanding of our impulses and motivations. With new found clarity we can now move forward with a better sense of timing and a realisation that we are all part of the one world family. Here one feels a need to feel connected with one’s roots and traditions in order to clarify desires and understand one’s direction in life.


The Full Moon at 2:34 pm on the 6th of April is at 17 degrees of Libra and, staying with the ocean theme, is described as A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering and Leaving the Harbour. This reminds us of our capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experiences in which one is deeply involved. Finding balance and harmony is the theme of this Moon and with Chiron close to the Sun at this Full Moon it’s a particularly good time to seek relaxation, healing and nourishment for body and soul.