Endings and Beginnings and the importance of maintaining Equilibrium

In the middle of February there’s a bit of a dance going on between what is real and what’s a fantasy, as Venus in Capricorn variously interacts with the boundaries of Saturn and the vast ocean of possibilities of Neptune.

As all the planets continue in a forward motion until the 5th of March, Mars moved in for a six week stay in stubborn Taurus on Thursday the 14th of March. This will give us the tenacity to follow through on what we started earlier in the New Year when Mars finally moved forward in Aries, after going backwards for some time in Pisces.

Chiron, having dipped into new territory in Aries from mid April until late September 2018, then went backwards into Pisces where it asked us to make a sacrifice. On Tuesday the 19th of February it will re-enter pioneering territory in Aries, where it will remain without deviation until 2026, encouraging us to give birth to our authentic selves with courage and in all our uniqueness. While healing the wounded masculine, Chiron in Aries is asking us to take on the power of individual choice and heal wounds associated with competition and identity. The issue of freedom of choice is up for healing, as are any beliefs we might hold that what we want, or even who we are, is so unacceptable that it’s not worth even attempting. It is time to take a journey to heal our instinctual self and we will have over seven years to complete the healing.

The second of three and the most powerful super Full Moon of the year occurs at 8:03 am on Wednesday the 20th of February at the first degree of Virgo. This degree of the zodiac is characterised as In a Portrait, the Best of a Person’s traits and character are idealized. At this time the Moon is the closest to the earth that it will be all year. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and release and this is a good one for releasing our fears of the future, any tendency to over think things, as well as worrying repetitive thoughts that lurk in the background ready for a hearing. .This degree of the zodiac is characterised as In a Portrait, the Best of a Person’s Traits and Character are Idealized. The Sun will have just entered Pisces bringing a more intuitive, compassionate atmosphere, where there is more of a sense of going with the flow. The Virgo – Pisces polarity focuses us on the theme of order versus chaos.

Earlier this month Venus temporarily joined the lineup of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn slowly approaching their 2020 meet up, where they are breaking down old patriarchal power structures. A few days after the Full Moon Venus joins up with Pluto stirring up especially deep feelings and strong likes and dislikes.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House.




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